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Welcome to Blacklisted Bitcoins. We help make trading with Bitcoins safer.

Our mission is to highlight Bitcoin addresses that have been used in crimeware, malware and cybercrime to extort money from victims as well as be the go to place for individuals and businesses that trade in Bitcoins to find out what Bitcoin addresses have been used in crimes or Bitcoin addresses that have traded with other Bitcoin addresses that have been identified as being used to scam people.

Bitcoin Exchanges & Individuals can trade Bitcoins with greater confidence knowing that they are not enabling, engaging with or facilitating criminals or organised crime.

Blacklisted Bitcoins News

  • CryptoLocker, Ransomware & Bitcoin
    Published by Blacklisted Bitcoins - 23 Nov 2013

    CryptoLocker ransomware is a variety of malware that, once it infects its host-machine, it encrypts the data on the victim’s machine. The malware then informs the infected user that he or she must pay a ransom in order to unlock their files.

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