About Us

We love it when people and businesses can trade Bitcoins without being scammed.

Bitcoin is awesome, being able to send Bitcoins to family and friends as well as pay for goods and services worldwide instantly without costs is great.

It did not take long for criminals to target the Bitcoin P2P network.  It did not take long for criminals and scammers to start using the cryptocurrency.  After hearing about people getting extorted through malware and bitcoins businesses getting robbed the idea for Blacklisted Bitcoins was born.

All transactions in the Bitcoin P2P block chain are publicly visible.  Therefore if a business, exchange or individual has been robbed or scammed then they can report the Bitcoin Address to us.  We will validate that person or business who reported the address and verify that some dishonest practice was done with the reported Bitcoin address. 

Once we are confident that a Bitcoin Address was used in a crime we will flag that Bitcoin Address and add it to the Blacklist.  We will use our technology to monitor the block chain for any transactions from that reported Bitcoin Address and also flag up those addresses also.  So that any criminal scammer cannot transfer any stolen bitcoins to a different address and then use that address to withdraw money or services from the crypto currency network. 

Blacklisted Bitcoins is a startup Bitcoin technology venture, the team needs to grow, we need partners.  

If your business or exchange or application is interested in partnering with Blacklisted Bitcoins and our Blacklist API please get in contact.  Email us at Partners

If you would like to invest or advise in this startup we would love to hear from you.  Connect with us on Twitter @BlacklistedBTCs or drop an email to the founder

We need the Bitcoin community support, if you like what we are doing and would like to see us grow and mature please consider donating some Bitcoins.

Our Bitcoin Address is >  12kmydbJEejoP8G7kWH9QPwtFKi5awaWaL

Our Team

  • Chris Watts
    Patrick Lismore: Founder