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The best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

The best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

It seems counterintuitive but Chris Larsen, the founder of the Ripple crypto Currency created only 5 years ago, sporadically became the fifth richest man on the planet, surpassing even the fortune of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook: a well-known company by all with more than 14 years of life and more than one billion users around the planet.

That kind of newly rich, at least on paper, as Chris Larsen is what has left us the high volatility of recent weeks in the market of cryptocurrencies. A market that has quickly captured hundreds of billions of dollars around the globe and has generated an extensive list of new multi-millionaires who bought the right currencies at the right time.

Much of the speculation in financial markets is based on the assumption that history repeats itself. That is, if an action, for example, a few months ago was worth $ 200 and today is worth $ 150, it is likely that in the future it will again have that value of $ 200 or even higher. History is always repeated and to understand what has already happened to try to predict when it will happen again is one of the fundamental factors that make an investor successful or not.

And the question is: Can history be repeated, with new cryptocurrencies, that create new multi-millionaires in a matter of months and much more money flow into this market?

To answer that question, we have a list of 4 very special and interesting cryptocurrencies that have not yet had great growth and that could mean big profits during the first months of 2018. Below we share the analysis of the price behavior of each one of them and the projections of how far they could grow:


It has been the fastest growing currency in recent weeks. Approximately 100 billion dollars entered the Ripple market in the last 60 days. Chris Larsen, its founder, is constantly oscillating among the 15 richest men on the planet.

In the last hours (Today Tuesday January 09, 2018) the price has been in a correction process and we are seeing the formation of a bearish structure. The price zone of the $ 1.9 dollars was briefly tested and we are waiting for the start of an upward momentum that could catapult the price of the currency up to $ 3.8 dollars and subsequently up to $ 4.5 or $ 5 dollars. However, it is not ruled out that the current correction could cause the price to drop to $ 1.5 dollars. What would undoubtedly be a golden opportunity to buy.


Ethereum is the currency with the second largest market capitalization on the planet, after Bitcoin: 117 billion dollars in circulation at this precise moment.

Ethereum has presented a strong bullish momentum in recent weeks. It easily reached our first expected target that was the $ 1000 area and then our second target in the $ 1200 area. In this cryptocurrency we have two possible scenarios:

If it breaks the current $ 1,200 area with considerable force, our next goal would be the $ 1,600 area. That surely will be reached easily and without major setbacks.

It could happen that from the current point the price starts to fall back towards the area of $ 1000 dollars or even up to the $ 800 dollars. Areas that would behave as a strong supporter of the price and could imply a new beginning of bullish momentum that would take the price to the zones of $ 1200 and $ 1600 dollars as we mentioned previously.


Ark is one of the easiest currencies to analyze and understand. The development team has decided to keep it somewhat removed from the eyes of the public and the “bitcoin-mania” to avoid the price rising too quickly and generate a bubble-like valuation. At this time, its market capitalization barely reaches 1 billion dollars. 116 times less than Ethereum and 97 times less than Ripple. However, this is only an indicator that the currency can have a lot of room to grow throughout 2018

So far ARK has perfectly fulfilled our expectations and has generated solid profits in the last 3 target areas that we have sought. For several weeks it was consolidated between the area of $ 6.00 and $ 8.00 dollars and at this precise moment that consolidation is breaking and initiating a remarkable upward structure that will lead to the price to arrive in the coming days at $ 12.00 dollars, and even, perhaps this month to the area of $ 16 dollars. A beautiful 100% growth.


GNT, Golem, is a relatively new currency with a market capitalization that is approaching 1 billion dollars. Its technology is quite promising and has applications in various fields. From finance and science to cryptography and artificial intelligence.

The currency has had a strong bullish momentum in recent days, now consolidated between the area of $ 0.70 and $ 1.20 dollars. The price made a slight retest of 38.2% and 61.8% of Fibonacci along with a test of our uptrend line. However, the price has had some inability to break the area of $ 1.20, so we could see a break in the uptrend line and a fall to the area of $ 0.90 again. The area that would work as a strong price support, forming and validating a new bullish structure and possibly generating a new bullish momentum that pushes the price again to the target area of $ 1.20 dollars and consequently to the area of $ 2 dollars.

How, when and where?

With the constant growth of the crypto-Currency market, capital raising schemes in the form of pyramids or Ponzi schemes that seek to take advantage of people who do not understand the correct investment vehicles available in the market have become very common. When someone decides to invest their money in these schemes, it is most likely that this capital is not even used to actually buy the cryptocurrencies, but to maintain the flow of the pyramidal structure.

Undoubtedly, the best way to take advantage of these golden opportunities in the market, which we hope will be fulfilled in the next two or three weeks, is correctly understanding how to invest the money, with a sensible risk plan and with real projections. It is important to understand that it is not simply about getting rich overnight but to build a profitable and comfortable investment portfolio that can generate exceptional profits in the short, medium and long-term.

The great advice: Get advice from the right people through the correct investment mechanisms.

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